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03/01/2019 - GO LIVE TODAY for Retro-Active MaineCare Review Process.

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Courtesy Reviews No Longer Available under the Atrezzo System for MaineCare Services

Effective March 1, 2019, KEPRO, in coordination with the Office of MaineCare Services, will implement the following process change to the Atrezzo system.

KEPRO will no longer process Courtesy Reviews of service authorization requests for individuals who do NOT have MaineCare eligibility. Instead, as with all other MaineCare services that require Prior Authorization (PA), requests for retroactive authorization of services shall be reviewed by KEPRO after the individual has gained retroactive MaineCare eligibility.

In some cases, an individual’s financial eligibility for medical services may be determined retroactively. If covered services were provided during a period of retroactive eligibility, the provider may submit a retroactive authorization request for the covered services that require PA.

Please submit requests for retroactive authorizations within three months of a member’s updated financial eligibility for MaineCare. Please see the MaineCare Benefits Manual, Chapter I, Section 1.04-1(A) for more detail. 

01/10/2019 - MaineCare (Medicaid) Update

The first in a series of updates from DHHS Commissioner regarding MaineCare expansion can be viewed here. 

12/31/2018 -  Atrezzo Portal

We are currently experiencing intermittent issues within the Atrezzo Portal. For any questions or to report an issue, please e-mail We apologize for how this effects our Providers.

12/17/2018 - Phone messaging updated

We have updated our phone messaging to further support and improve Member and Provider Services.

The new call queues are as follow:

  • Press 1 – x4385 Member Services
  • Press 2 – x4340 Katie Beckett
  • Press 3 – x4383 Provider Relations
  • Press 4 – x4386 Clinical 
  • Press 5 – x4387 Appeals
  • Press 0 – x4384 Switchboard

11/29/2018 - Emergency notification released, Section 93

An Emergency Rule-making Adoption of MaineCare Benefits Manual, Section 93, Opioid Health Home Services, Chapters II & III notification has been released. 

The emergency adopted rule can be accessed at:

11/29/2018 - Phone Coverage

On Tuesday, December 18th 2018 (1pm to 6pm) there will be limited phone coverage available. Please plan accordingly. Contact information will be taken during this time and calls returned on the next business day.

10/9/2018 - Updates to the website

Updates to the website has been published under the following URL:

These updates include:  

    • A New Provider Handbook
    • A New Atrezzo Portal Guide

4/12/18 - Section 21 Update

Effective today, Section 21 providers are now allowed to submit requests for authorizations 30 days in advance of their next CSR due date. 

3/8/18 - Office closed

The Maine office is closed today due to weather conditions.

11/6/17 - Phone Issues

We are currently experiencing phone issues. Our IT department is looking into the issues with our vendors. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

10/04/2017 - NEW Daily Authorization Report Deployed

KEPRO has deployed an updated version of the Daily Authorization Report.

The following updates apply:

  • Logic changes – The report will display all records within the date range that had any changes throughout the day.
  • Column headers renamed –
    • Column Q “Servicing Provider Name” renamed to “Procedure Name”
    • Column J “Service” renamed to “Service Type”
  • Columns reordered – see attachment for example
  • Column added – see attachment – Column T “Servicing Provider Name”
  • Records sorted – The cases will now be sorted by the member’s last name, first name, case ID and status.
  • Request type filter added – A filter to search by a particular request type has been added. This will allow providers to search for only “referral” or a certain request type. The default is to select all.

 If you have questions about the changes above or no longer want to be included on this communication please email Rob Noble at

10/01/2017 - Katie Beckett

Effective 10/1/2017, KEPRO will begin to determine medical eligibility for Katie Beckett. The Katie Beckett benefit is a MaineCare program for children with serious health conditions who are not otherwise eligible for MaineCare. More information can be found at

08/25/2017 - Transport Layer Security

Due to security concerns and changes in the cyber security environment, KEPRO’s Atrezzo portal will discontinue supporting a specific version of Transport Layer Security or TLS. TLS is a cryptographic tool used by web browsers to encrypt traffic between your computer and the server you are visiting when you use your web browser. TLS version 1.0 is no longer considered secure.

Older browsers may not have the ability to use a version of TLS higher than 1.0 but most modern browsers do. If you have questions regarding the web browser you use and if it can support a version of TLS higher than 1.0 please consult the list here.

KEPRO is planning to end support for TLS 1.0 on Friday, August 25, 2017

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our Provider Service staff.

07/13/2017 - Duplicate Authorization Numbers

On Thursday July 13th, KEPRO staff identified an issue associated with the creation of duplicate authorization numbers on previously migrated cases. The issue has been rectified and the correct authorizations are now available within Atrezzo. Providers will be notified if their authorizations were affected.