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Data & Reports

Quality Improvement Program

KEPRO has a dedicated quality management team to collect and analyze operational data. This team also provides expert analysis and meaningful information to stakeholders in the Maine Behavioral Health ASO in order to measure the success of our efforts and partner to improve the quality of care for MaineCare members.

Maine ASO Data Forum

KEPRO conducts Data Forums each year via webinar with the purpose to:

  • Review data together with other providers
  • Discuss how data is analyzed and presented
  • Talk about areas that can benefit from further analysis
  • Use the data to improve services and inform decision making

Data gathered and analyzed include the following:

Bed Occupancy Data 

Bed Occupancy data is generated based on the authorization and discharge information entered by providers. Reports pulled from this data show the bed availability for each facility and location or hospital unit.

  • Psychiatric Hospital Average Bed Occupancy
  • Child Mental Health PNMI Bed Occupancy
  • Adult Mental Health PNMI Bed Occupancy

Referral Management Information

This information provides insights on the:

  • Number of clients waiting for services, by location in the state and by district or provider
  • Average number of days clients have been waiting
  • Longest number of days one client has waited for service

Referral Management Information can be used:

  • Where members are unable to find a suitable provider; to improve access to services by matching members to service providers
  • By providers to inform the need for new services in a particular area
  • By policy makers who wish to understand and plan for the delivery of behavioral health services in our state