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5/11/2020 - Family Choice Waitlist now in Atrezzo!

The Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), in coordination with KEPRO, has implemented changes in the referral management process, effective Monday, May 11th. In an effort to improve the referral process for both Home and Community Treatment and Rehabilitative Community Services, KEPRO has developed a new family choice waitlist report that is accessible in the KEPRO Atrezzo System. The report will display all consumers that have been added to the family choice waitlist by KEPRO and that are waiting for services for your agency that have not been served. Please contact for questions.

4/15/2020 - CSR Submission 1135 Waiver

KEPRO, in coordination with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) have extended existing authorizations for 30 days. Any authorization due to expire between 4/14 through 5/15 were given 30 day extensions.

3/31/2020 - HCT Update

During the State of Civil Emergency period associated with COVID-19, Home and Community-Based Treatment (HCT) providers delivering services via Section 65 are approved to offer HCT as a clinician-only treatment model to current clients and new clients, temporarily amending the requirement for the service to be delivered through a combination of a clinician and a Behavioral Health Professional (BHP).

Please see the Department’s guidance for additional information on delivering services via telehealth, including considerations regarding quality and clinical appropriateness.  

2/24/2020 - Atrezzo Platform Issues

KEPRO's Atrezzo Platform is currently experiencing issues. Our IT department is working on a resolution. We expect the site to be back to normal soon. Thanks for your patience.

12/30/2019 - KEPRO Office Closing at 3:00pm

Due to worsening inclement weather, the KEPRO office will be closing at 3:00PM today.



For more information on these updates, please visit News and Updates